Friday, April 07, 2006

Kevin Federline Steals Beats

The new ant-media song from Kevin Federline, "America's Most Hated," is violating a copyright law from the 1983 smash, "She Blinded me with Science," written by Thomas Dolby.

"You can't just take a very well-known piece of music and add your own vitriolic rap over the top of it and get away with it," Dolby told MTV News on Wednesday (April 5). "If anybody's going to sing nasty lyrics over my music, it's going to be me."

The song originally previewed on Federlines Myspace account and at one point Thomas even thought of simply asking it to be removed. He later changed his mind stating;

"I found out today that it aired on VH1 last week. So it's more than just an MP3 download. It's airing on TV, and there's no question it's taken from the Mobb Deep record. It's like what Vanilla Ice did with 'Ice Ice Baby' [illegally sampling Queen and David Bowie's 'Under Pressure'], although I think Vanilla Ice is a superstar compared to this guy."



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